Friday, 12 May 2017

The 30 mile week training plan

With the Great Manchester Run Half Marathon just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to share my current training regime with you all. 

the 30 mile week running training plan


I like to start the week with what Rachel and I consider to be our "normal run" a flat 7.6km, easy route that's always our go to if we're not sure what to do. As Rachel is a slower runner than I am it's a great warmup to the week keeping a gentle and steady pace of about 5.5 mins/km.


Tuesday is when I start to mix things up a bit i'm lucky enough to have a decent run route starting not too far from the office so it's the perfect opportunity for a lunchtime run - it's a toughie though!
Over my lunch hour I manage a 10km trail run. Data from my most recent Tuesday run that can be seen below.

Garmin forerunner 235 data

garmin forerunner 235 zones and pace

This is an intense run (as I'm sure you can see from the stats!) with quite a variation in elevation, the green line in the graph above elevation in comparison to my pace throughout the course.


Wednesdays are back to an evening run with Rachel, we like to give ourselves a "challenge run" each week so it varies depending on what we fancy doing. As Rachel is currently trying to improve her time for the Manchester 10km we've been running 10km routes where I act as motivator and pace setter to help her reach her 55 minute goal. 


It's another lunchtime run on Thursdays and it doesn't get any easier. I'm lucky to have people to run with at work and Thursday is our intervals day. This is a great training technique if you're looking to improve pace but it's certainly not an easy one! It starts out with a nice 1.5km warm up followed by 6 x YASSO 800s with a 200m recovery between each set. For those that don't know, Yasso 800s are a series of 800m repeats with a short recovery period between each 800m. Ouch! 


After all that working out in the week Friday is finally my well earned rest day before a weekend of more runs! A good stretch and a short yoga routine normally does the trick.


parkrun runner

Saturday mornings we're both up and out to our local Parkrun. If you're not familiar with Parkrun it's a free timed 5km event that takes place every week any many parks across the UK and further beyond! For me it's a great opportunity to practice a speedy short run, especially as our local is a pretty challenging route. 


Certainly not the day of rest! Sunday's are reserved for my longest run of the week, if you've been keeping track you'll have noticed I've clocked up around 42km at this point (that's 26 miles) so I only need a final 6km to finish my 30 mile week. I'm definitely one for pushing myself though and often run somewhere between 14-16km making a final weekly total of 56km or 34 miles.

3o mile training plan

So that's my current training plan, I'm definitely well prepared for my Half Marathon this month but the conditions on the day will see if I manage to reach my ambitious sub 1:25 goal! 

What's your current training regime, are you training for any upcoming events?

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