Monday, 8 May 2017

Welcome to Coffee & Avocados!

Hi! Welcome to Coffee & Avocados a running, fitness, travel and lifestyle blog by James (he's the coffee) and Rachel (she's the avocado). We're both 25 and based up in North West England, to get us started here's a little more about ourselves...


wilmslow half marathon 2017 finisher

Civil Engineer by day, obsessed runner by early evening, in bed by 10:30pm...I started running just less than a year ago to supplement my Mixed Martial Arts training and it stuck! Since then I've completed two half marathons, my best time being 1:28:38 at the Wilmslow half in March '17 and I'm hoping for sub 1:25 at the Manchester half this month! You can follow my progress on my Instagram, go have a look here! I also love getting out to Parkrun each week, our local is a pretty challenging trail but I've managed to come in the top 5 with a time of 18:49. Oh and I like coffee. 


hiker grinds brook clough kinder scout Derbyshire

Another full time worker but in a boring finance job I love leaving work so I can spend some time outdoors or relaxing in our new home. This time last year when I tried to run I'd stop about 5 times on a 2.5km route! This year I'm preparing to run the Manchester 10km in sub 60 minutes - no stopping allowed! I love to get out in the hills and go hiking, we live fairly close to the Peak District so there's no excuse not too! I also love creative things and if you fancy having a look at some of my sewing skills I'll be posting about what I'll be making here or you can check out my Instagram for a full mix of everything! 

view from the top of Teide Tenerife

We Hope you'll enjoy reading as much as we'll enjoy writing! Ciao for now!

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