Friday, 19 May 2017

The London Tourist Run Route

Planning a trip to London? Want to make sure your get your daily run in? Want to see the sights and not just loop around a park? We’ve got you covered!

london tourist run route

On our recent weekend trip to London we still wanted to fit in a run without it eating into our day. Running to and then around a park could have been a viable option but we thought when in London why not go and see the sights in a way we haven’t before – running past them! We wanted a route that wasn't too long (is 7.75km) and that'd ticked off loads of sights en route and we reckon we did a pretty good job!

Top Tip: London is obviously a very busy city to pick your time carefully, we started our run at 8:15am on a Sunday morning and found it pretty quiet - we'd recommend you start early too! 

london tourist running route

The Start 
Our start point was simply our hotel (The Radisson Blue Edwardian Kennilworth on the corner of Bloomsbury Street and Great Russell Street) if you’re hotel is pretty central we’d recommend simply picking up the route where you can, if you’re heading into the city to run then it’s probably best to start the route at Westminster as the route passes the Westminster tube station.


Sight #1 Trafalgar Square 
From Bloomsbury it’s an easy route, head straight down onto Shaftesbury Avenue and continue on to Charing Cross Road as you continue straight down on your right you’ll pass the National Portrait Gallery, Nelson’s Column and the Lions at Trafalgar Square. Keep heading straight!

runner in front of big ben

Sight #2 Big Ben
From Trafalgar square continue (fairly straight) onto Whitehall /Parliament Street. This is perhaps for any London tourist the most exciting part of the run. As you head down Parliament Street you’ll come to a big road with plenty of famous sights – Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben! As you get to the end of the road and have the square in front of you take a left past Westminster station.

runner london eye

Sight #3 The London Eye 
From Westminster you’ll want to head over Westminster Bridge (you might also want to take advantage of what we thought was a perfect photo op for the run). As you reach the end of the bridge head down the steps to the left and straight on towards the next sight, the London Eye.

southbank runner

Sight #4 The Southbank and Tate Modern
As you pass the London eye it’s nice run along the Southbank, simply continue straight along the walkway until you reach quite an obvious landmark, the Tate Modernit’s distinctive brown tower isn't the prettiest of structures!

man running across millennium bridge

Sight #5 The Millennium Bridge
London’s most slender bridge is a source of endless fascination for James (that’s the civil engineer in him right there) so of course it had to be incorporated into the route. Fancy a challenge? The bridge is about 300m in length, how fast can you sprint it?

runners millennium bridge st pauls

Sight #5 St Pauls
This distinctive Dome shaped Cathedral was the tallest building in London until the 60’s and lies straight in front of the Millennium bridge.   You’ll want to run up to the churchyard before heading left onto Ludgate Hill.

It was at this point our run got a little messy, we may have gotten slightly lost on a few little back streets (hence the squiggle on our route map) so we recommend taking it a bit more simple and heading straight down Fleet Street before turning Right onto Chancery lane. As you reach the end of the lane turn left onto High Holborn, as the road splits stick to the right.

Sight #6 Oxford Street
Sticking to the right at the fork in the road will bring you onto New Oxford Street and the top of one of London’s busiest shopping areas – there’s a reason we recommend doing this as a morning run! Don’t worry though we’re not sending you onto the busy hughstreet! Turn left onto Bloomsbury Street and you’ll be right back at the start!

British museum

Sight #7 The British Museum
If you fancy a final sight towards the end of the run then don’t continue onto Oxford Street instead as the road forks bear to the right but then take a right turn up Bury Place, follow this road (you’ll have to cross a road to continue along it) and you’ll be greeted by the  spectacular British Museum! Head left along Great Russell Street, you’ll soon find a right turn onto Bloomsbury Street and once again will have made it back to the start. 

We hope you've enjoyed this quick sight seeing tour, let us know if you try out the route! 

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