Thursday, 25 May 2017

Running Your First official 10km

With all that’s happened in Manchester this week it’ll be good to return to something positive, the Simply Health Great Manchester Run! This time last year I knew loads of people taking part and remember saying to them “I’ll never be able to run 10km” – 1 year later and here I am ready for the challenge! This will be my first officially organised 10km event (one where I’ll be getting a medal at the end) so I thought I’d share with you some tips for how I’ll be hoping to reach my goals for my big 10km run.

Practice, practice and train some more! 
Before March I had never run 10km before and now it’s a distance I know I’m comfortable doing – yes it’s still a struggle and I’m slower than I’d like but it is attainable. If you’re moving up to a 10km run from a 5km I found a 7.7km route was a great way to train, it wasn’t too much of a stretch from 5 and meant I was pretty confident I’d reach a 10. With the 10km this Sunday I’ve now in total racked up 7 attempts at running 10km with varying degrees of success time wise but what I think is most important is knowing I can go the distance.

start of wilmslow half marathon

Comfort is key
I’ve only been running properly since November so to be running 10km in May (7 months later…) is something I never thought I’d be able to do and something that put me off right at the beginning was my trainers! My old (not really made for running) shoes would make my toes numb after a few km’s and would put me right off wanting to run, a new pair later and it was like running on a cloud!

wilmslow half marathon start line 2017

Always be prepared 
Weather is changeable and I’m currently obsessed with checking the forecast for Sunday this week, we’re currently looking good with some light cloud and temperatures slightly cooler than they’ve been – which I’m very grateful for! This should mean for quite a comfortable run, you should always check to see what the chance of rain are of if out of nowhere it’s going to be a sweltering hot day so you can adjust accordingly!

parkrun 5m corner

Know the route? 
If you’re able to run the route ahead of time I’m sure it would be of some benefit, you could find out if there are any places you need to control your pace and where you can kick it up a notch for the finish. I’m pretty familiar with Manchester and know the route is going to be flat but for me I think not knowing exactly where I’ going will be advantageous. With plenty of people and marshals lining the route it’ll be impossible to get lost and that uncertainty of just how much further I have to go will definitely spur me on to (hopefully) my best 10km time.

1 hour 30 minutes pacer for wilmslow half marathon

Use your pacers 
Organised runs will have a few lovely people setting a specific pace to reach a target time. In my wave there are two, a 50 minute and a 60 minute pacer. They should be pretty easy to spot and are a fantastic way of knowing how well you’re doing en route. If you happen to be aiming for the time they’re setting then stick to them!

Enjoy it! 
No matter your motivation for running this is something you’ve worked hard for and you should appreciate every minute of that! I’ll definitely be working hard on the day but I’ll also be taking the odd moment to absorb my surroundings, appreciate the landmarks on route and afterwards soak up the festival atmosphere!

So that’s how I’ll be hoping to achieve my target time of 55 minutes for my first proper 10km event. Good luck to anyone taking part in the runs in Manchester on Sunday! We’d love to know if you’re going to be taking part!


  1. I've just started going running's a slow process getting back into shape but hopefully I'll be able to do something like this by next year!

  2. I don't run but there are some races I want to do. I usually just walk them.

    xx Jennifer
    Effortlessly Sophisticated


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