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The Corralejo Tourist Run Routes

the corralejo tourist run routes

Fuerteventura was a very relaxing (and much needed) weeks holiday for us but there’s only so much lounging one can do in a day! Every afternoon James grabbed his trainers (I tagged along 4 days out of 7) and we got some holiday running in. Thinking of going to Corralejo and want to keep your exercise up then take a look at how packed in the miles on holiday.

5km Treadmill
When we first arrived in the resort the sun was blazing and thanks to some planning ahead we knew out hotel had a fairly well equipped gym on offer. After our first afternoon of lounging we grabbed the key (an unusual set up) and headed to the gym – it was hot.

treadmill 5km

With only one treadmill and no air conditioning it was a pretty brutal hour that we spent in there. We took turns to each run a (slow) 5km and after battling through the heat, sweat and dehydration (no water fountains were in there…) we vowed never to return to the hotel gym and look elsewhere for running.

6km the Pier
Corralejo is a nice resort and has plenty of good pathways for getting from one end to the other, lucky for us our hotel would definitely be classed at one end and the pier and harbour the other.

corralejo harbour 6km run route

This route starts heading right then left out of our hotel (Smartline Playa ParkClub) and follows a gradual incline past the El Campanario Shopping Centre (to your right) and Acua Park (further down to your left) you’ll eventually hit the main shopping street – don’t worry it’s pretty obvious!
Once you’re here turn right and continue downhill along the pathway, this is where it starts to get a little busy so pick your time wisely.

Smartline playa park club start of run route

After some time on the main street head right again past a cute little boutique hotel and then left to get onto the beach promenadeyou’ll now have the halfway point in sight! Simply follow the promenade to the harbour before heading up to the pier, once you've reached the beacon you've made it to the 3km marker! It’s a great spot for a quick picture or simply head back the way you came to complete the route.

beacon corralejo pier

corralejo harbour

Obviously this hits the main tourist area and so there can be a lot of people around - James felt like we were filming a chase scene when we headed along the beach promenade!
There are some nice views en route though and it gives you a chance to quickly see a lot of the resort.

8km Sand dunes
Our favourite and most used route of the week took in some of Fuerteventura’s most impressive sights and natural wonders, the sand dunes!

corralejo sand dunes 8km run route

Again this route starts at the Playa Park Club Hotel heading right out of the hotel and right again at the roundabout it’s not too long before you’ll see a huge complex that looks completely abandoned – it’s impossible to miss the massive building sight and we can’t help but wonder what happened here?

corralejo abandoned building site

 Upon reaching the end of the road head left and continue along the path. As you continue you’ll reach another odd landmark, a pretty crazy house! We’re not sure if this belongs to an artist or an “artist” but either way it’s bizarre and intriguing house to stop and look at – carry on along this pathway.

crazy hours corralejo

running in corralejo

Before too long you’ll hit the beginning of the Parque Natural and the beautiful views on offer, this is also where the nice pathways decided to give up on you. You’ll be able to continue along somewhat of a rocky pedestrian area between the dunes and the road for a little while but before too long it turns to sand forcing you onto the edge of the road/car parking area – keep your wits about you!

corralejo sand dune run route

corralejo parque natural

By now it should be fairly obvious where the chosen halfway point is… sticking out like a sore thumb are the two RIU hotels (isn’t it weird that they’re just out in the middle of nowhere, there aren’t even street lights along here!) and the first one is your way point.

riu hotel corralejo

Eventually you’ll head downhill and reach a roundabout, this is where you can head left towards the entrance of the two hotels, to reach a full 4km halfway point it’s necessary to run right to the entrance of the first hotel, the RIU Palace, have a look inside it seems very nice! From here you can simply turn around and continue back into the resort of Corralejo.

riu hotel entrance corralejo

Obviously there is a safety issue with this route as a large portion of it is along the roadside so it’s definitely not a suitable route for children!
It does however offer some of the most stunning scenery you’re likely to see on your time in the resort and it’s a great way to get a bit further out of town.

fuerteventra volcanoes

isla de lobas from corralejo

Again we should point out it’s important to pick your time wisely under a cloudless sky it must be a pretty brutal trek – lucky for us we had constant cloud cover.

So that was our exercise sorted for a week in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. We'd like to think we were pioneers, as the week progressed we saw more and more people out along our 8km route! We hope you like seeing our travel routes (you can check out our London Tourist Run Route here) it’ll be September before the next edition – Barcelona!  

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Have you been to Corralejo? 
Do you look for good run routes on your holiday?

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