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The Best Route up Kinder Scout

We’re very lucky to live within a 40 minute drive of the Peak District, it might be a vast area of hills and bleak moorland but it’s beautiful and provides the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. Kinder Scout is the Peaks' highest mountain, yes it is a mountain standing at 2,087ft (that’s 636m), and for us it’s the peak that's closest to home so as you can imagine we’re climbed it a fair few times!

the best route up kinder scout

Kinder Scout is a very accessible mountain with so many routes up from different sides, you could start in Glossop, Hayfield and Edale all of which have public transport routes and places to park and all points from which we've started many times. Today though we’re going to share with you our favourite route to the top it’s a bit of a toughie but it’s certainly the most fun.

Getting there 
The route starts in Edale, there’s a train station that serves the village (with services from Manchester) and also a pretty big car park (which is pay and display), if you arrive early enough in the morning you can park in the village centre free of charge but competition for the spots is pretty fierce in the summer months. 

The Route
No matter how you arrive make your way into the village centre towards The Old Nags Head pub, we’ll call this the start point for the route.

the old nags head pub edale

From the pub you’ll want to head down the road towards Kinder and you’ll quickly come across a wooden sign with “Grindsbrook Clough” pointing right into some woodland – that’s where you’re heading! Head into the wooded area, cross the little wooden bridge, up the steps and through the gate into the field.

footpath to grindsbrook clough

The path is laid before you here, simply head along the large paving stones towards the next area of woodland – For some reason this section of the walk always makes me think of the Fellowship of the Ring when the camera pans overhead as they’re running across the fields…

Once you reach the gate continue through this next small woodland area and over another wooden bridge, now you’re heading onto the mountain track. The path is a little more uneven but still obvious where to follow – simply continue along it!

view back towards edale from grindsbrook clough

As you begin to gain some elevation here make sure you take the time to look behind you, the view is pretty stunning as you begin to ascend Kinder and it can be easy to forget what’s around you when you’re so focused on getting to the top.

grindsbrook clough in the snow

As you get a bit higher, the path gets a bit rockier and the trickle at the bottom becomes more of a stream, you’ll reach a fenced area with a gate either side. Head through a gate – this is where the fun begins!

Keep heading along the path but before too long this will dwindle away and you’ll be faced with more challenging terrain. The path is gone and you’ll be left with rocks to climb! Keep heading up and put your scrambling skills to use!

rocky hillside grindsbrook Clough kinder scout

female hiker up grindsbrook clough kinder scout

As you near the top you’ll find that the path splits, we think that heading to the right is slightly more challenging (although there isn't much in it) and once you've picked your side simply continue up – we always find it fun once we begin the scramble to continue all the way to the top without stopping. 

top of grindsbrook clough kinder scout

You’ve reached the plateau of Kinder Scout! Wasn't that fun?

fun rocks at the top of kinder scout peak district

Key Info
This walk is classed as a grade 1 scramble meaning it can be completed fairly easily by anyone with a good fitness level -we often see families with fairly young children and dogs up the route as well as more elderly walkers.

The route straight up and down from the centre takes about 1h 45 mins but we recommend you enjoy a walk around the top rather than just come straight down - we’ll be posting more routes around the mountain over the summer and will update with other areas to visit! 

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