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Runnging Gear: Women's Trainers

running gear women's trainers

Back in June we shared with you James’ running shoe collection (which you should definitely check out) and thought it was about time to follow up that post with part 2, women’s trainers and Rachel’s collection.

When you’re buying any pair of running trainers there are a few important things to think of before you make your purchase; what type of runner are you and what surfaces will you be running on for example. Bearing these factors in mind I have 3 pairs of trainers that currently cover all of my running needs, I’m a neutral runner and do both off and on road terrains. Hopefully you’ll get some insight for your next trainer purchase!
women's adidas ultra boost black/purple top view

women's adidas ultra boost black/purple back view

Adidas Ultra Boost
These Adidas Ultra Boost are my go to trainer for pretty much any occasion. If I’m not sure what to wear I’ll probably grab these. I’ve had my boosts now for about 10 months and in that time they’ve done a fair few miles and still have more than enough life in them for the foreseeable future. These are my first properly thought out running trainers and I couldn't be happier with their performance so far.
Looks: 4/5
I love these trainers but even I have to admit they don't have the prettiest of marshmallow midsole - although I do like the texture to it! Large white cushion aside I'm a fan of the purple and black Primeknit and like the pop of colour from the purple around the heel. The plastic caging for the laces also adds a nice other texture to the shoe. I also like the attention to detail with the silver “boost” displayed on the side.
Comfort/ride: 5/5
Like I said previously these are my absolute go to shoes and I've used them from quick 5km Parkrun's to my current longest distance at the Meerbrook 15km road race – I'm sure they’ll be the shoe of choice for a future half marathon too! The Ultra boost is nice and cushioned but still feels firm underfoot, they are definitely the comfiest of my trainers so much so you can forget about your feet entirely whilst you’re running.
Durability: 5/5
I’ve definitely put these shoes through their paces. I started running with them in the winter where they plodded through the muddiest ever park run, endured a hilly Lyme Park trail run on a cold January night and raced through the Manchester 10km. After all the miles they’ve put in these shoes still feel and look like new. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough if you want a trainer that’s going to last.
Fit: True to Size
I’m a definite size 4 in shoes, it’s a very rare occasion for me to have to adjust the size I buy and these fit me perfectly.
Price: RRP £129
Summary: My absolute favourite running shoe, it’s fairly stylish, it’s definitely durable and by far the comfiest trainers I own. Perfect all-rounder’s and well worth parting with your money for – you won’t regret it!

women's nike free rn flyknit black grey top view

women's nike free rn flyknit black white back view

Nike Free RN Flyknit 
My Nike Free RN Flyknits are the most recent addition to the collect and were purchased as more of a “summer trainer” to give my warmer boosts a bit of a break over the summer months and allow my feet to breathe a bit more in the warmer weather.
Looks: 4/5
Definitely my most stylish trainer, it’s easy to see why people would buy these simply to wear and not to run in. The knitted upper is definitely an on trend feature and the space dye effect with the different greys has plenty of visual appeal. They have a slimmer profile than the Adidas Ultra Boost and generally look a bit more sleek.
These are pretty comfortable shoes, the sole isn’t quite as cushioned at the Boost. The knitted design gives less support than a traditional trainer meaning your foot can move around (stretching the fabric) a lot more – not a good idea to wear these if you were covering a lot of tight corners! However that sock like feel gives a nice fit around the ankle area. Overall they’re still a comfortable shoe and definitely appropriate for the summer months and for running on even surfaces. I have avoided wearing these shoes when I knew I would be on a trail terrain given that the sole is very flat and smooth, I just can’t imagine they’d offer any grip on a grassy surface.
Durability: 4/5
Whilst I’ve found these pretty good shoes so far I know they won’t be a patch on the boost for durability and I’ll be shelving them during the winter to avoid the inclement weather. So far they have been a good solid shoe even standing up to the rocky terrain of Fuerteventura. Given the knit fabric though I just don’t see them having the same longevity… perhaps I’ll be proven wrong!
Fit: Large!
As I said previously I’m a definite 4, before purchasing these I was advised to go down half a size but if you’re thinking of getting some I’d say go down a full size. Whilst I currently wear a 3.5 I do still sometimes find them a bit roomy and wonder if I’d have a bit more comfort in them had I opted for a 3.
Price: RRP £105
Summary: The most stylish of my trainer collection and in general a comfort and fairly durable shoe. Not quite the all-rounder than the boost proves to be but a decent shoe for road running.

nike wild trail women's black purple orange top view

women's nike wild trail black purple orange back view

Nike Wild Trail
This particular version of the Nike Wild Trail shoes were an old season bargain purchase when I felt I needed a pair of trail runners for the Lyme Park Trust10 but given their bargain status they’ve actually turned into a pretty trusty shoe.
Looks: 2/5
Ok, so it’s pretty fair to say these are much to look at. They’re all black mesh with hints of purple and a pop or bright orange of the sole doesn’t really make them an appealing shoe but at least they’re fairly subtle. The design of them is a bit ugly in general but considering these were purchased as shoes to be hammered it means I’m not bothered about going through even the muddiest of puddles.
Comfort/ride: 2/5
The first time I wore these was for a 10km race and came away with a blister on each foot but since that initial breaking in I haven’t had any problems with blisters. These are not that comfy a shoe, the combination of a stiffer sole and the lugs make them a little uncomfortable when running over anything other than trail terrain but on the trail they perform pretty well. I find the wider toe box to bit a bit of hindrance and it can make my toes numb towards the end of a 10km.
Durability: 4/5
These shoes might be ugly and kind of uncomfy but what they lack in aesthetics they definitely make up for in durability, these trainers were built to withstand a battering and I think they certainly do. These trainers are my go to for the Lyme Park Trust10 each month when I know to expect everything from dry rocky trails to a swamp. They always come back muddy but always scrub up well again and are ready for the next round.
Fit: True to size
With a wide toe box.
Price: £30 
Overall an ok shoe if you can still find them for a bargain price but I wouldn’t want to be paying much more. I’ll be putting much more consideration into the next pair of trail runners.

women's running trainer collection

So that’s my collection of running trainers. I think I have a pretty good balance going on at the moment and see no need to replace any of them any time soon. I hope this is helpful for any other neutral runners who might have been eyeing up any of these models or just generally looking for their next running shoe.

What brands of shoes do you find best for all round running?
 What are your go to trainers?

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  1. What a lovely collection! I personally love Adidas for training gear!
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