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6 Things to do in Barcelona

We recently spent 4 days in the stunning city of Barcelona and absolutely fell in love with it! We thought we'd share with you our top things to see and do for your next visit!

things to do in barcelona

Go inside Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia must have been on top of every tourist's list for the past 100 years or so and it should be on tops of yours too! We had booked our tickets in advance (which we'd highly recommend doing for anything Gaudi!) and headed over to Sagrada Familia for our 9:30am time slot.

sagrada familia glory facade

The outside of the Basilica is unique and it's completely understandable why so many tourists flock to see this attraction each year, however we think it's much better inside!

sagrada familia stained glass window effect

sagrada familia ceiling
We were blown away by the interior! It is such a huge contrast to the outside and really is so worth the €15 basic entry fee. The basic ticket also includes the museum below the Basilica, we had no idea this was here so were pleasantly surprised to find it and it was absolutely fascinating! 

Stroll through Park Güell

park guell lizard mosaic

If you're wanting a fantastic view of Barcelona but don't want to travel too far from the city then Park Güell is the place to go. The park itself is free to enter and there's plenty to see! For a great view of Barcelona make your way to the cross on top of the hill.

park guell monument zone

If you want to experience some more Gaudi you can purchase a ticket to enter the Monument area and see the most beautiful part of the park up close. Tickets again are best purchased in advance and will only set you back €7.

See Barcelona from it's highest point 

If you want an even better view of Barcelona and don't mind the little bit of extra travel then we'd definitely recommend heading out to Sagrat Cor and reaching the highest point of Barcelona at the top of Tibidabo.

tibidabo amusement park barcelona

We headed out on the FGC from Catalunya to Peu Del Funicular and had a 30 minute stroll from there - it's not the most direct route up Tibidabo but it is a pretty cheap and simple way.

tibidabo amusement park rides

sagrat cor

Tibidabo really is an unusual area! First you're greeted by a pretty big amusement park with loads of rides (some of them look pretty scary) that should entertain people of all ages! Standing above the rides however are two churches, one on top of the other, topped with a large statue of Christ which you can even go up to for just a few euros.
Hit the beach

barcelona beach

Barcelona really does have everything! If you're feeling pretty tired after that busy morning walking up Tibidabo then why not hit the beach for the afternoon? As the week goes on it gets more and more busy so better to do this earlier in the week! Be prepared to get hassled by people selling drinks to but that aside it's so lovely to have a beach right next to the city - the water wasn't too cold either! 
Eat delicious food
We were given a couple of recommendations on the best places to get Tapas in the city and unfortunately the first place we visited must have just been shut for the week of our visit but maybe if you're in the city you'll have better luck with La Alcoba Azul - We weren't the only people wandered around desperately searching for it either!  
Our second recommendation however was so good we visited twice! Cerveceria Catalonia offers some delicious tapas and you have to stay and get the bread pudding for desert! Top tip here though is to avoid it like the plague at night! The queue is often over an hour long! Visit here for a big lunch and you won't be disappointed.

black remedy pulled pork sandwich barcelona

Somewhere else we have to mention is the coffee shop Black Remedy we went in here on a whim and ended up have the most delicious pulled pork sandwich possibly ever!
Perhaps the most unusual place to get a drink in the city is El Bosc de Les Fades, this hidden gem just off La Rambla is a indoor forest, complete with thunder storms and certainly an interesting place to stop for a rest! 

Get lost in the Gothic Quarter

barri gotic barcelona

Our absolute favourite thing to do in Barcelona was simply walk around and soak up the surroundings and for this there was no where better than the Gothic Quarter, Barri Gotic.

barcelona cathedral sunset

The Gothic Quarter is a maze of tiny crisscrossing streets with a myriad of unique shops and cafes. It's very easy to get lost in this very old part of Barcelona but there's often a gem hidden right around the next corner!

So that is our top 6 things to do when visiting Barcelona. We hope this will help you if you're planning on visiting the beautiful city and can't recommend it enough! 


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