Wednesday, 28 February 2018

10 Reasons to Start Running... Now!

Maybe running was your new year's resolution or maybe like 92% of people you've given up on the actual resolution but just want a relatively cheap way to get in shape. Either way you're thinking about taking up running and just need that final nudge out the door? Well, we'll try our hardest to give you 10 reasons why!
why you should start running

1. Running gets you outside
Before we even start thinking about the physical benefits of running let's think about the mental -  Running will make you feel better! Getting outside does absolute wonders for our mental health, from relieving the stress of the day to taking in that fresh air and soaking up some Vitamin D there's a reason it's called the Great outdoors.

2. Running pushes your boundaries.
It might seem like the hardest thing in the world that first time you put your trainers on and step out of the door but running is incredible for pushing not just your physical but your mental boundaries. It's amazing how good you'll feel when you take that step further than you've ever ran before or finally make it all that way up a massive hill!

running pushes your boundaries

3. Running can help you lose weight.
If you're wanting to take up running to shift some weight then firstly read our post on it here! The point is that it works, combining regular exercise with a healthy balanced diet will help you drop the pounds and maintain it too. You should really check out Runs for Cookies to see how amazing running can be, Katie's story is truly inspirational!

4. Running improves your fitness.
Even if you're not looking to drop weight running is a fantastic way to build your stamina, increase your lung capacity and keep a good level of general fitness. 

running over millennium bridge london

5. You can run anywhere!
One of the reasons running work so well as a form of exercise is that you can literally be anywhere! From someone who lives city center (check out our Tourist London Run Guide!) to someone with the hills on their doorstep there is always a place to run - No excuses! 

6. Get a sense of community.
There are runners everywhere! You'll probably have a local running group that would be more than happy to welcome you as a new member. You can take place in your local weekly parkrun and find plenty of like minded people at all abilities. 

New Balance 1080

7. It's cheap! Kind of...
As with any hobby the cost of running is what you make it. You can start off with a relatively cheap basic kit and simply stick to running your local streets and taking part in parkrun and keep your costs of running to pretty much that initial pair of trainers. Of course the more obsessed you get the more kit you'll buy and the more races you'll want to take part in - this one is entirely up to you but with no monthly subscription it's cheaper than going to the gym!

8. Running actually improves your immune system!
If you're tired of getting ill alllll the time I speak from personal experience when I say running really improves immunity! Before I took up running I would catch a cold around 3 times a year, in the past 15 months I've been running regularly I've not had one once, the odd sore throat yes, but an actually illness? Nope. 

cancer research uk tough 10 peak district

9. Use it as an opportunity to helps others.
If you need something other than your own will power to get your out of the door then consider taking it on as a challenge to help raise money for charity. Look out for an event that will give you a challenge, perhaps a 10k if this is your first venture into running, and pick a charity whose cause you support and get those miles in!

10. You'll love it!
It might be hard to believe now but once you've made that push and begin your running journey there's something about it that will keep you going. Whether it's the stress relief, the way you've smashed your weight goals or that incredible feeling of completing a race you never thought you could run it's definitely worth it. 

We hope that's helped to inspire you get out there and finally give running a go! Let us know if you want to start running or how you're coping if you're only just getting started! 

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