Saturday, 24 March 2018

We're Running a Marathon!

A marathon is impossible. That's what we always thought before we started running, that's what we thought after our first 5km races, our first 10km races and our first half marathons. 

We've been running now for between 18months - two years and since our first steps we've always wanted to push ourselves further, see how far we can go or how fast. The marathon however always felt like something that was just too much. But then we thought to ourselves... we're putting in all this work and all this training and enjoying it, so why not?

We've decided to put ourselves to the ultimate test and run 26.2 miles, our marathon of choice is Dublin which gives us plenty of training time before October and plenty of time for us to keep you updated on how we're getting along! (Check out our insta for daily updates!)

With so much training time we're setting ourselves some pretty tough goals, after all it's not just about surviving a marathon, it's about conquering it! We'll be knuckling down with some training plans closer to the time but for now we'll be upping the milage and doing as much marathon training research as possible. 

Wish us luck!

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