About Us

Established in 2017 Coffee & Avocados was a way for James and Rachel to put their passion for running into words as well as sharing everything from food to travel along the way!


We've both started running to get a little bit fitter, we never knew up would end up being such a major hobby and interest for us and we certainly didn't expect to get as far as we have. For both of us 2016 was the year we decided to give the sport a go, James to compliment some MMA training and for Rachel just to get into better shape. James took to it pretty quickly and it wasn't long before he was attending the local Parkrun and getting involved in the running community, for Rachel it took a few months to really get into it with her first Parkrun experience an extremely muddy back in November 2016. By January 2017 we both took part in our first official paid for event, the Lyme Park Night Run and we haven't looked back since! 

James' Personal Bests:
5K - 18:22
10K -  37:44
Half Marathon - 1:25:01

Rachel's Personal Bests:
5K - 23:50
10K - 49:39
Half Marathon - 1:49:32

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